“My life is based on a true story.” ~ Paul Rossi

Paul  Rossi,  Drag Racer, IMSA Track Champion, Pikes Peak Winner and the Grand Daddy of Natural Gas racing...

Paul Rossi, champion NHRA drag racer, consistent IMSA track champion and winner of the Pike's Peak race, whose innovative automotive engineering achievements made him a Carroll Shelby collaborator, trusted consultant to Lee Iaccoa at Chrysler and the envy of those who challenged him on the track. He originated the Cobra Cup natural gas (CNG) racing event of the mid nineties.  The program was sponsored by Ford and just about every other major supplier from Michelin to The American Gas Association.  President Clinton also personally endorsed this program.

Unfortunately in mid 1995 Congress rolled back the stringent requirements allowing the auto industry to mostly abandon its efforts to dramatically reduce auto emissions. This resulted in diminishing support to build a "clean air" CNG car ... a very simple thing to do as Rossi demonstrated!

Paul came very close to almost single-handedly making CNG "THE" alternative transportation fuel for the next 20 years.  His goal was to make CNG exciting, smart, affordable and sexy.  He believes education and change follows interest and what could be more interesting than to see race cars running efficiently, safely, cleanly and fast on clean burning natural gas.  Paul has always been a visionary... his astonishing racing career driving and building winning race cars proves the point. 

Paul Rossi Mercedes Restorations

When he isn't signing autographs at special automotive events, Paul spends his time restoring classic Mercedes cars.


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